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We work hard making connections, crafting the perfect shelf set, loading trucks, keeping shelves full, collaborating with breweries, making lots of deliveries, and promoting responsible consumption. We also ping pong and frisbee golf.

We're always looking for qualified, committed team members. Want to join the team? Apply now.

  • We like how @bkoepka celebrates!

#Repost @bkoepka (@get_repost)
Time to celebrate! 🏆+ 🏅+ 🍻 #LiveULTRA / @michelobultra
  • This just in! Atlas Sales is now selling the great Michigan beers from @roakbrewing of Royal Oak here in Calhoun County. 
Try a Powerboat, Live Wire, or Devil Dog next time you're out shopping.
  • Proud to celebrate the limited release of our own team leader Mike Hall's award-winning homebrew with his co-brewer Kris and their families.

Available only until it runs out at the Lakeview Lounge!
  • On tap now at Lakeview Lounge!  The award-winning beer "Belgian After Burn" was brewed by Atlas Team Leader Mike Hall and friend Kris Winkle for Right Brain Brewery's Homebrew Competition.

For a limited time, you can try it! Head to the Lounge before they're out—It's the only production batch ever made.
  • It's #NationalBeerDay AND #FatTireFriday! Sounds like a winning combo to us. 🍻
  • Anyone feeling like this right now?

Cheers to our Team Leader Mike for wearing this gem to work today.
  • Tom, Bud, Mike, and Jetta dressed up in green to wish you a happy St Patrick’s Day! We hope you celebrate with your favorite green beer! 🍻
  • A melody of the orchard, Grizzly Pear is @blakeshardciderco's first pear inspired hard cider.  Now available!

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